Burning Man - Sally Hanrahan Photography

Soul Refuge~Burning Man 2015

Soul Refuge~Burning Man 2015

Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert outside of Gerlach Nevada.

year: 2015

Soul Refuge is a desert mirage. It appears to be a lone standing wall of an abandoned house that has fallen after a disaster. The house is in rubble. The house up close, is comprised of human souls that make up the mortar and stone. As the house crumbles, these spirits are set free. The piece conveys escape, release and regrowth. It’s a visual essay on the theme of entrapment and freedom. As we travel through human life, we are broken down and destroyed. This loss enables us to re-create ourselves so we can transform into different type of being. The wall is a bright green, patinaed by desert sun, and the figures will blossom out of the firmament to tell their own haunted stories.

The house is a place of security which is now lost. It’s haunted by the lives that have resided there. As the dwelling crumbles, the freed souls flee into the new haven of the desert which is its own trap. This cycle of human life is our constant quest for that one ‘Soul Refuge’. (sole refuge)

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