Burning Man - Sally Hanrahan Photography

Fledgling ~ Burning Man 2014 Art Installation

Fledgling ~ Burning Man 2014 Art Installation


by: Christian Ristow
from: El Prado, NM
year: 2014

Fledgling is a large mechanical bird, powered by a single human operator. One person at a time is allowed to climb a staircase up the tail-feathers and climb into the rib-cage, where they sit in a seat and assume the position of a recumbent bicycle rider. By pedaling a set of bicycle cranks, the operator sets in motion an intricate arrangement of chains, sprockets, gears and cranks which surrounds them and powers the wings, which open and close and simultaneously fold inwards towards the body, much as a real birds wings do. Fledgling is constructed almost entirely of stainless steel, with small amounts of carbon steel and aluminum.

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