About Me

Sister Cruise 2013

“All too often, we take for granted the gifts of nature that surround us everyday.” With her camera, Sally Hanrahan captures images that move the spirit and imagination, and marries those images of spiritual, natural, and rugged beauty with the changing of the seasons.

Originally from Michigan, Sally’s interest as a photographer came at the early age of fifteen. Her parent’s love of nature influenced her appreciation for the beauty and serenity that Mother Earth created. Her Grandmother’s love of photography and her Mother’s amazing talent with oils and watercolors brought to life the landscapes she yearned to visit.

Sally Hanrahan has been capturing memories for over 35 years. Her photos have been featured in many regional and national photographic print and digital magazines, including: Cowboys and Indians, National Geographic and Nevada Magazine: exhibited in galleries, studios and museums; featured in countless shows and fundraisers and sought out by private and corporate collectors from coast–to-coast. Her awards are numerous and prestigious, but she is most proud of her role as an advocate for the wild horses of Nevada and bordering states, enlightening the public through her candid photographs of the life of these majestic and threatened national treasures.

A self trained photographer with a natural talent, Sally moved to Reno in 2006, and devotes her high energy and free time to photography, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, kayaking, fishing, and anything having to do with the outdoors. She has worked as a landscape designer for over 35 years and is especially fond of vegetable and perennial gardens. The landscape is her pallet and her camera is always hanging from her shoulder ready for the next breathtaking shot.